Does DIAS FORTE collagen contain sugar? Can diabetics use it?

DIAS FORTE collagen does not contain sugar, so it can be used by diabetics.

Sucralose (one of the ingredients of DIAS FORTE collagen) is a sweetener that does not increase the amount of glucose in the blood; and unlike sugar, it helps keep the teeth mineralised.

Why collagen powder?

Collagen is absorbed more quickly in the intestines when it is in powder form. Besides, 10,000 mg of hydrolysed collagen is a quantity that is not feasible to put in a tablet or a capsule.

What makes DIAS FORTE collagen different from other collagen products on the market?

This product is a compound of 4 types of collagen, and there is more than 10,000 mg in one packet.

Can DIAS FORTE collagen be used by people with allergies?

The ingredients of DIAS FORTE collagen are not known to have any allergy-provoking action. Unlike most other collagen products on the market, which are of marine origin, DIAS FORTE collagen is of animal origin. Tis is assuming that only collagen of marine origin can cause allergic reactions.

Do broth, brawn or gelatine supply the body with collagen?

For centuries people have liked to use broth, brawn and other foodstuffs containing gelatine; but the collagen in these products is only partly hydrolysed (and therefore difficult to digest). Unfortunately, eating these foods will not provide the body with the recommended daily intake of 10,000 mg of collagen.

Is it possible to take an overdose of collagen?

The recommended dose of hydrolysed collagen is 10 g (10,000 mg) per day. That’s how much is in one packet of DIAS FORTE collagen. There is no point in taking a larger dose. However,  no harm can result from taking a larger dose of DIAS FORTE, because the amino acid L-leucine present in DIAS FORTE collagen prevents from overdose.

How long should one use DIAS FORTE collagen?

An improvement in the skin may be visible after 4 weeks of use. The effect can last up to 4 weeks. If one is using collagen for other purposes, it may take up to 3 months to notice an effect, and one should use it for up to 6 months.

Where to find more information about DIAS FORTE collagen?

You can find a product information sheet on the website www.vaistai.lt.

UAB Medochemie Lithuania (Gintaro g. 9-36, Kaunas) provides information about the product.

E-mail: lithuania@medochemie.com, tel.: (37) 33 83 58.