DIAS® FORTE collagen contains FORTIGEL® and PEPTIPLUS®, which are ingredients patented by the manufacturer, world collagen protein production leader, the German firm GELITA. Also I-UC® pure-form collagen, produced and patented by the US manufacturer InterHealth.

Intensive testing of this type of ingredient is carried out, and on the basis of these, the product’s quality, safety and efficacy are assured.

It has been established in clinical studies with sports people that by using DIAS® FORTE with its ingredient FORTIGEL®, any joint pain they experience due to physical stress was reduced (Plačiau »). Several other studies have confirmed the significant positive effect of FORTIGEL® on joint cartilage tissue (Plačiau ») and the positive effect for people for people suffering from inflammation of the joints (Plačiau »).

The effectiveness of Hydrolised collagen has been proven by a study which aimed to maintain normal body tone and strength and to increase muscle mass at the expense of adipose tissue. Studies have also shown the beneficial effects of PEPTIPLUS® in stabilising diminishing muscle tissue in people with sarcopoenia (senescent muscle mass loss) (Plačiau ») and (Plačiau »).

Clinical studies done with II-UC® is pure-form collagen have demonstrated its positive effect in reducing joint pain and stiffness in patients with osteoarthritis (Plačiau ») and (Plačiau »).